10 Times True Coincidences Just Happened.


I’m not sure if you read it one of the previous articles, but I that type of person who doesn’t believe in luck. But that’s not the case with coincidences. There are so many coincidences that you just can’t NOT believe in them.

Thanks to our beloved Internet, those coincidences are all captured and uploaded to various social media and will probably stay there forever. Coincidences on this list might require that you take a second look just to figure out what’s happening.

The snap coincidence
One of those moments when you take a selfie and think that’s it. However, the guy in the girl’s photo found the girl and sent her a snap. They didn’t hook up, but still…

This is some Matrix type of thing
Three stranges sleeping on the train and all looking the same? Weird.

What are the chances?
A girl went to a festival with her boyfriend and found a couple that was wearing the same clothes. Well, except for the accessories.

Sometimes you just have to blend in
But I don’t think that was the idea behind this shirt. I bet she thought it was just quirky.

The seagull is just chilling
On a fish. On an actual fish. Talk about coincidences.

This actually happened to me
It was just a different amount. I tweeted it, of course. You do know that this is extremely rare?

Painting your nails to match chewing gum?
That’s exactly what this girl didn’t have in mind when she painted them.

The adverse effect of having a twin brother
This guy’s girlfriend regularly gets images of her boyfriend’s twin brother with other girls.

A cat on a cat?
Why one, when you can have two in one.

Want chicken nuggets?
Yeah, just make sure they don’t look like chickens. Oh, wait…

Blending in is not easy
But if you’re going to do it, do it right.

Images source: providr.com


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