These 10 Men Have Transformed Their Bodies After The Age Of 50 And Prove Age Is Just A Number


Aging is a normal thing. But aging doesn’t mean that our quality of life has to stop! If you take care of yourself spiritually and emotionally, and if you stay active and eat healthy you can make your golden years your best years. And people who feel good, look good too.

That’s why we love these older people who proved to the world that stereotypes about aging are totally backward. These men are not just models, they’re showing what it really means to make the most of life no matter how old are you.

1.Philippe Dumas, Age 60

This attractive older gentleman has the whole package! After jumping into the world of modeling, Philippe Dumas became very famous on Instagram! He says that his career as a senior model is young, but it started well. He also adds that he has great expectations. So, we look forward to seeing his face in magazines more often!

2. Anthony Varecchia, Age 53

Anthony Varrecchiadid a lot of hard work and a healthy lifestyle to look as good as he does at the age of 53! Search the net and check him out on Instagram for more pictures!

3. Gianluca Vacchi, Age 50

Gianluca is a successful businessman. He has showed the world his perfect dance moves, and us speechless.

4. Aiden Brady, Age 50

Aiden Brady is a very talented man. He has stacked up quite the Instagram following and doesn’t seem to be slowing down! He has also appeared on the big screen and became a movie star as well.

5. Eric Rutherford, Age 49

This gorgeous model is also an event’s organizer in New York and an editor for At Large magazine. He is both successful and attractive. Search the net for more pictures.

6. Alessandro Manfredini, Age 48

Alessandro is a gorgeous Italian man who is also very popular on Instagram. Just write his name on your favorite search engine and see why he is so popular.

7. Deshun Wang, Age 80

Deshun Wang is called hottest grandfather in China, after taking part in China’s fashion week. From movie star to the catwalk king, Wang certainly knows how to win at life.

8. Irvin Randle, Age 54

You already know Irvin Randle. The age of 50 isn’t stopping Irvin. Actually, it’s making him even more fashionable!

9. Ron Jack Foley, Age 50

We can all agree that Ron’s face should be the icon of Toronto, Canada. This gorgeous mam has hair any supermodel would be jealous of and a perfect family life that would make anybody swoon. Just look at his beard!

10. Shan Michael Hefley, Age 54

Shan is definitely an absolute legend. He eat healthy food and is very active, becoming one of the most ripped 54-year old’s I’ve ever seen.

Sometimes, all we need is a little thing to remind us that age doesn’t mean that everything has to stop. Star active, eat healthy and, go for it! It’s never too late to make the right decision.


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